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java.lang.IllegalStateException: Cannot map handler [controller] to URL path : There is already handler

I am using Spring 3.0 for my new application…I am not very familiar with annotation but learning them they are cool.  Today I faced “Cannot Map Handler [XXX] to URL Path” error, while running my page. Later debug I found … Continue reading

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Count lines of multiple similar files in unix

In continuation to my earlier post regarding concatenation similar files into one. I am writing this post to demonstrate counting lines of similar kind of files in a given directory and sub-directory. Below command will find all the logs with … Continue reading

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Concatenate/merge/join Multiple Text Files in Windows

Last night I got many log files from 8 different servers, all the servers have date wise log files. I separated out similar logs and kept in a folder, now as per requirement team needs the one type of log … Continue reading

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