Concatenate/merge/join Multiple Text Files in Windows

Last night I got many log files from 8 different servers, all the servers have date wise log files. I separated out similar logs and kept in a folder, now as per requirement team needs the one type of log in consolidated manner means “USAGE.log” of all days and servers in one USAGE-Consildated.log file.

I was searching for some utility on Google but not get any. Later I thought about DOS Batch command to do the same but a simple copy command did it for me.

Copy /a *.log USAGE-Consildated.log

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  1. Hey major thank you for this. Saved me a relative ton of time writing a program for this.

  2. Heh! The log messages are peprhas a little confusing at first, sorry about that. The scanning engine is separate from the work engine in CC, which is why there is the second scan. You can think of the first scan as SCAN:FIND and the second as SCAN:REMOVE . This makes it easy to add / modify worker engines in the future. You’re absolutely right, though, the scanner could be made smarter. I will add that to the TODO list.

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