GURFL data

GURFL file is a list of operators and their associated IP address ranges. This is a good way to find out from which mobile carrier (ie. which country) does a request come from.

Earlier it was available at: 

But now days it is down. So I am attaching the last GURFL updated operators.csv file here

Nokia E71 Memory card not detected as disconnects from PC Suite

Few days back I purchased a New E71. I face a weired issue with the phone when ever I connect to PC Suite via USB and after work  disconnects it from USB
It stop reading Memory card. After restart the phone it again start reading it , in gallery it says corrupt library repairing.

I saw many forums and read many articles about this issue and people suggested following solutions:
-try reset by *#7370#
-hard reset '*' '3' 'Call Key' and Power button
-Replace simm card
-Format memory card
-Replace memory card  etc

But nothing of the above method seems to me working for me.

I noticed whenever after closing PC Suite, I try to disconnect it using USB "Safely Remove Hardware" Option in taskbar, it says "The device '…..Nokia…..' cannot be stopped right now. Try stopping the device again later." Then I saw in the task list there are following services are running:

All of the above services are related to E71 Nokia PC Suite .
Now I have end task the NclUSBSrv.exe service after that I again tried removing USB using "Safely Remove Hardware" Option. And this time it works Perfectly.

My issue got resolved 🙂

Suggestion: Always connect in PC Suite Mode

2/7/2009 Updates – Update to latest PC Suite  this will also resolve the issue. No need to kill the services