Nokia E71 Memory card not detected as disconnects from PC Suite

Few days back I purchased a New E71. I face a weired issue with the phone when ever I connect to PC Suite via USB and after work  disconnects it from USB
It stop reading Memory card. After restart the phone it again start reading it , in gallery it says corrupt library repairing.

I saw many forums and read many articles about this issue and people suggested following solutions:
-try reset by *#7370#
-hard reset '*' '3' 'Call Key' and Power button
-Replace simm card
-Format memory card
-Replace memory card  etc

But nothing of the above method seems to me working for me.

I noticed whenever after closing PC Suite, I try to disconnect it using USB "Safely Remove Hardware" Option in taskbar, it says "The device '…..Nokia…..' cannot be stopped right now. Try stopping the device again later." Then I saw in the task list there are following services are running:

All of the above services are related to E71 Nokia PC Suite .
Now I have end task the NclUSBSrv.exe service after that I again tried removing USB using "Safely Remove Hardware" Option. And this time it works Perfectly.

My issue got resolved 🙂

Suggestion: Always connect in PC Suite Mode

2/7/2009 Updates – Update to latest PC Suite  this will also resolve the issue. No need to kill the services

Remove element from Array

What if you want to delete an element from Array ??

Mostly people use delete command  but it leaves undefined behind it

>>> var list = [1,2,3];

>>> delete list[1];

>>> list

[1, undefined, 3]

Now try splice instead of delete

>>> var list = [1,2,3];
>>> list.splice(1, 1); // Remove one element, returns the removed ones.
>>> list[4, 6]
And it's done...