Azure – increase Linux VM OS Disk size

I am using Azure Linux (Ubuntu) VM’s default OSDisk 30 GB, due to data and other files there was a need emerged to increase that size.

I went to Azure portal and it was straightforward to increase disk size. Shut down VM, alter Disk config to increase size, save and reboot machine.

But surprisingly nothing changed when i checked the size again using df -h

Then i started reading the documentation of Azure and came across below URL (see bottom ref section) which explained that Portal only create / modify size but you still have to do update of partition , modify of filesystem to reflect recent changes.

Also on my /dev/sda i was getting below error

GPT PMBR size mismatch (62914559 != 125829119) will be corrected by w(rite).

started reading on stack blogs and found the reason and solution for this GPT error. As we recently increased the size which was not completely utilized so system was complaining about it.

Below commands i performed to resolve my issue and they are pretty standard what i found when you have to work on Linux fs.

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