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Bulk file copy in unix with custom name

In Unix I have to copy bulk files from one folder to another they are in below form FILE1_547804_550484_2013-12-19 21.15.32_913.pdfFILE2_518868_616944_2014-01-03 21.10.49_718.pdf but while copying to the destination want to remove time part and copy as below: FILE1_547804_550484.pdfFILE2_518868_616944.pdf

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Copy First N files from current directory to other directory

I was working today on one production issue where a requirement came to restore files from a archive directory in batch of 250, so i created this command to run in unix, have a look might be helpful for you.

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UNIX: How to Automate SSH Login

Yesterday, I was working on some shell script piece for my project and I came across a situation where I have to copy some files from one server to another using ‘scp’ command and also some time have to execute … Continue reading

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Count lines of multiple similar files in unix

In continuation to my earlier post regarding concatenation similar files into one. I am writing this post to demonstrate counting lines of similar kind of files in a given directory and sub-directory. Below command will find all the logs with … Continue reading

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